Billy Goat Bluff 4WD Track In the High Country

Billy Goat Bluff 4WD Track in the High Country is not for the faint hearted, inexperienced or unprepared 4WD.  Be warned this is one of the steepest 4WD tracks in Victoria. But for any prepared 4WD, the views, descents and drive are spectacular! A great accomplishment and feat to conquer.

The Billy Goats Bluff is a stunning track. In the spring wildflowers are in bloom and can been seen along parts of the track. During winter some tracks are closed with heavy rain. So before travelling from Melbourne it is best to check Parks Victoria for any seasonal road changes.

The Billy Goat Bluff trail provides a great challenge and drive with rewarding views. When we say this track is steep, we mean it. With 1200m descent in 7kms. Not easy downhill, the track contains many rock steps with very narrow sections of track. Because of the steep descents and big rock steps, it is recommended to at least have a winch on board when tackling this track. There are very narrow sections in the track where it would be very difficult to get a second 4WD in to assist. Vehicle recovery is much easier if your car is equipped. Better to have your car prepared and not need it, than experience a difficult recovery.

Billy Goat Bluff 4WD Drive track High Country
Track Length125km
Suitable for:4WD with high clearance
Driving time:Can be driven in a day, or split up with detours along the way

How to Find the Billy Goat Bluff 4WD Track?

Billy Goat Bluff 4wd track

To find the Billy Goat Bluff Track use Dargo as your starting point. If you are going for a weekend trip or a couple of days, Dargo is a good camping spot. There are camping facilities available and the Dargo Hotel is a favourite.  

When leaving Dargo, you want to head south down Dargo Road heading towards Short Cut road.

Drive until you turn West onto Crooked River Road. Crooked River track takes you through farmland then into forested areas. Often there are a few fun river crossings that are fairly straight forward. If there has been recent rain, take caution with the river crossings and best to have a snorkel on board.

Continue on Crooked River Road until you reach the Kingswell Bridge, head north onto Wonnangatta Road. Take Wonnangatta Road until you turn south onto Billy Goat Bluff Track, ready to start.

Close to the bottom of the Billy Goat Bluff track you can choose to head to Eaglevale and further to Wonnangatta Station. Wonnangatta River Valley is stunning and is definitely a part of the High Country worth seeing when you have a weekender or a couple of days to explore.

Where to Camp along Bill Goat Bluff 4WD Track:

You can drive Billy Goat Bluff track in a day and do not have to stay overnight and camp. The track does include spectacular views and stunning scenery with plenty of possible stops along the way, so camping along the way is also an option.

Moroka Hut, Kingswell Bridge, and McFarlane Saddle are all campsites with no facilities. For camp areas with toilets see Black Snake Creek and Horseyard Flat campsites. Only Horseyard Flat campsite has drinking water available, so if staying overnight ensure that you carry adequate water.

The track can be driven with a camper trailer but this does increase the challenge and leaves less room for error and is not recommended even for advanced Four wheel drivers unless in optimal conditions. Especially for beginner to intermediate four wheel drivers taking a roof top tent or swags makes the climb and descent much easier.

Even if not camping, Moroka Hut is a nice picnic area to stop and see. The hut was built in 1946 by Bill Gillio and Andy Estoppey and is photographed by the well-known photographer Ken Duncan. To get to the hut it is a 900m easy walk.

Best Time to Go:

Spring is the best time for four wheel driving, especially for beginners and intermediate drivers. The river crossings are still full without over flowing. The tracks are wet but less flooding. Along the Billy Goat Bluff track, wildflowers are often in bloom. The Billy Goat Bluff track provide amazing views from the top of the track. Anytime of year shows of the great Australian bush views and seasonal changes to the landscape.

For stunning views, Winter is also amazing when there is snow present but prepare for the cold and often tracks can be closed due to flooding. Four wheel driving in very wet or snowy conditions presents new challenges, and not recommended for beginners. If going during Winter ensure your 4WD is equipped for both snowy and wet conditions and you have recovery gear on board.

Billy Goat Bluff Track Highlights:

  • “The Pinch” and the helipad have stunning views and great photo opportunities.
  • Detour to see the Pinncacles Fire Tower
  • Lake Tarli Karng, a bit of a detour but worth seeing, especially if starting from Dargo. Very beautiful serene lake