Blue Rag Range 4WD Track

Blue Rag Range 4WD Track, What A Great Way To See The Victorian High Country!

Best 4WD tracks in Victoria.

There is not a track that better showcases how beautiful the High Country is. With stunning 360 views at the peak, the Blue Rag Range track highlights how vast and magnificent Victoria is. Including steep climbs, narrow tracks with sharp drop offs, the 4WD track is perfect for the adventurous driver.

The Blue Rag Range track is not for the beginner and unprepared but is a spectacular track! The track is remote, very difficult and only for 4WDs with good clearance.

As one of the highest alpine tracks in the country, it provides stunning views and great photo opportunities. The track peaks at an elevation of 1.726m above sea level with amazing 360 views at the summit.

Difficult High Country 4WD Track

Blue Rag Range track contains rocky steep climbs and descents with big drops offs on either side of the track to the valley below. It is an exciting drive and great for four-wheel enthusiasts.

Difficulty High Country 4WD tracks

Subject occasionally to unpredictable snow fall, Blue Rag Range shows off Victorian’s seasons well.  Due to the difficulty of the track, it is subject to closure between May and November. It is worth checking for closures before departing.

The track includes very tight narrow sections, paired with difficult turns and steep climbs. Due to the difficulty it is recommended two vehicles with experience drivers drive the track together. For the first time driving the track, it is best to drive the track in summer away from rainy days. In the rain, ruts can form and make the track more unpredictable with the steep descents and climbs.

Blue Rag Range is rated difficult mostly due to the track just prior the peak.  Just prior the peak there are a few very steep sections, this is also paired with the track dropping off on both sides. This is the trickiest section of the track. Up to this point, the track is mostly manageable by beginner four-wheel drivers.

If you choose to drive on-wards to the river crossing it does become tricky again. Ensure you are experienced with river crossings and have a winch on board. Weather conditions will change the difficulty of the track conditions down to Wonwungurra river. Be sure to check ahead and understand the conditions, you can check on Parks Victoria.

4WD Track with River Crossing

The best 4WD tracks must contain a good river crossing. Four wheel driving in the Victorian high country offers some stunning river crossing that are a lot of fun. When driving the Blue Rag Range track you can choose to dive onto Wonwungurra river. The river crossing adds to the difficulty of the drive especially in wet conditions or post recent heavy rains. It is best to have a snorkel fitted to your 4WD. Take your time to assess the crossing before attempting to cross the Wonwungurra river. It can be deeper than it seems.

How to Get to Blue Rag Range Track?

If coming from Harrietville, start on the Great Alpine Road, until you turn onto the Dargo High Plains Road. Head towards Dargo and the Blue Rag Range track will be off to the right approx 11 km from the start Dargo High Plains Road.

If coming from Dargo, start on the Dargo High Plains Road and head towards Harrietville. The Blue Rag Range track will be off to the left approx 62 km from the Dargo.

Things to Do Near Blue Rag Range 4WD Track:

The track finishes with a decent to the Wongunagarra river. You can camp at the end of the track, but this camp space has limited facilities and little space. Easy for those just wanting to pop up the roof top tent and have a stop over, but not ideal for bigger camping.  Otherwise, it would be better to continue further to Bright or Lake Cantani for more camping options. Alternatively, Dargo is well worth a visit.