GME Radios

GME Radios provide leading, high quality radios, designed for four wheel driving in Australia. We stock handheld and fixed mount radios, 4WD antennas and radio accessories for 4X4s.

GME Radios for Four Wheel Driving

For four wheel driving, radios are an invaluable asset. Whether driving by yourself or in a convoy, a radio provides you the freedom to escape out of reception whilst still be able to communicate and call for help.

Four wheel driving with mates increases the fun, and radios allow the convoy to communicate, plan and send warnings along the track.

There is poor reception in the High Country, with most areas unable to get cell service. This can make it difficult to communicate with other 4X4 vehicles in the convoy.

During a 4WD rescue, communication between vehicles is essential. Over the roar of engines, it can be impossible to hear each other from opposite ends of the tow rope. A radio makes recovery easier and safer.


GME is a leading manufacturer of radio, providing high quality, radio equipment and accessories. Designed for Australian terrain, GME radios are perfect for four wheeling driving, on construction sites or use in other work vehicles.

Combining durable electrics, smart easy customization, and tough designs, all GME radios are engineered to endure harsh Australian off road conditions.

Do I Need a Radio When Four Wheel Driving?

A radio is an essential safety tool for four wheel driving. A good radio is needed for more than just quality banter with the convoy. A 4X4 radio is a powerful tool when touring in remote areas out of reception.

When travelling in the Australian outback and on four wheel drive tracks there is limited to no cell reception. When you require a vehicle recovery without any close cell reception, a high quality radio can be a life saver for getting help.

Getting stuck on a track is bad enough. Getting stuck out of phone reception, without a radio can turn into a disaster. A simple recovery can turn into a long, dangerous mission if unable to call for help.

Communication between a 4WD convoy can be used to warn about upcoming hairy tracks, challenging obstacles, or oncoming vehicles. Besides for safety reasons, a 4WD radio aids to the fun and banter out on the 4WD trail.

What is a UHF Radio?

UHF radio stands for ultra high frequency radio. A UHF radio allows drivers to explore vast expanses and travel remotely without the concern of not being able to access help. With a UHF radio, you can feel confident to explore remotely and escape out of cell reception boundaries.

What 4WD Radio Do I Need?

The best 4WD radio depends on how you intend to use it and the terrain you travel in. The ranges of radios vary, and the distance required will depend on the type of four wheel driving.

4WD Handheld GME Radios

Handheld Radios are good for use within shorter ranges. For 4X4’s driving together, use around a campsite, communicating with the kids, or when navigating a 4WD recovery, handheld radios are useful. Handheld radio’s rely on batteries so have a shorter life span. They also have a smaller antenna so can easily go out of range if too far apart or on hilly terrain.

Fixed Mount GME Radios

Fixed-mount radios are better for long-distance touring, when a convoy gets split up or for a breakdown. If in a breakdown, the fixed-mount radios will have the highest ranges for reaching other drivers.

4WD GME Antennas

To increase the performance and range of a fixed-mount radio, a high-gain antenna can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle.  For the best broadcast signals from your GME Radio, a 4WD requires a quality antenna designed to endure tough 4WD tracks. We stock and fit GME antennas specifically designed for four wheel driving. An antenna for a 4WD needs to be more sturdy and tough to survive being beaten around on 4WD tracks.