Mansfield to Craigs Hut- Victorian High Country

Craigs Hut

The Victorian High Country is a must visit for all four wheel drivers. You will be completely captivated as you explore the area. It is rich in pioneer history, jampacked with picturesque views and offers an endless amount of 4WD tracks from beginner to advanced. You really could spend weeks upon weeks travelling the High Country, but one special trip to mention is from Mansfield to Craig’s Hut.

Starting your journey on the Howqua track into Sheepyard Flat and pull up for a camp at Fry’s hut. Lovely open camp ground where you can set up beside the river. Wake up in the morning and have a fresh dip in the river before setting off for the day ahead.

Head out back past Sheedyard Flat along Brocks Road and keep an eye out for Tunnel Bend, where you can go down some steep steps and discover an old gold mining tunnel that is hidden under the road. Continue along to Bluff Link Road and take the turn off to see Bluff Hut, an old mustering hut still used by the family today.

Head back down to Bluff Link Road and continue on to 16 Mile Jeep Track, stop in at Pikes Flat for morning tea or lunch along the Howqua River. Travelling along the river for a little while you will find Bindaree Hut and as you keep going you will come across a small river crossing. As you turn towards the Circuit Road up Bindaree Road you will come to a bridge where you can walk up to and then under Bindaree Falls, a spectacular waterfall.

As you continue and reach the Circuit Road, you are faced with a choice of straight over and up the challenging Monument Track, left to go around to the Howqua Hills and Clear Hills Track or right and around to the Craigs Hut turn off. Each way will get you to Craigs Hut. If you have the time, either go the Clear Hills track that takes you right by Howqua Gap hut and then over the top of Mount Stirling (1742m), a stunning drive and well worth it. This continues on down to Craigs Hut or take on the challenge of the Monument Track which will be a short cut, meeting up with the Clear Hills track and then down to Craigs Hut.

Mansfield to Craigs Hut Victorian High Country