4WD Antenna Range

To increase the performance and range of a fixed-mount radio, a 4WD antenna can be mounted to the vehicle.  For the best broadcast from your GME Radio, a 4WD requires a quality antenna designed to endure tough 4X4 tracks.

We stock and fit GME antennas specifically designed for four wheel driving. An antenna for a 4WD needs to be sturdy and tough, to survive being beaten around on rough tracks.

What is the Best 4WD Antenna?
The best 4WD antenna depends on how you intend to use your radio system, where you are traveling, and the terrain.

For example, if you mostly use your 4WD for long-distance touring on open road, an elevated feed antenna may suit. But for drivers going through dense bush with overhead branches, a short tough antenna will be more suitable

The terrain also affects the effectiveness of the antenna. For open, flat terrain a high gain long antenna is recommended. Whereas, for 4X4’s travelling on mostly hilly 4WD tracks with lots of climbs and decent a low gain short antenna provides the best feed.

For most 4WD’s flexibility is important for use as an all rounder vehicle. Therefore, antennas where the whip can be removed to interchange between gains can suit the driver that uses their 4WD for a bit of everything.
How to Attach a 4WD Antenna?
The range of antennas can be fixed differently to 4WD’s. There are fixed-mount, magnetic-based, removable mount and ground independent. How you attach the antenna to the 4WD will depend on the set up of your vehicle and the antenna type you are selecting.

Talk to our friendly staff regarding the best antenna and radio system for your 4X4.

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