Fixed Mount Radios

Fixed Mount Radios have the benefits of being charged by the car, powerful transmission of 5 watts, and able to be pair with a strong antenna. For any vehicle travelling out of cell reception a fixed mount radio can be a lifesaver. Being able to call for help and reach other vehicles if required is essential if traveling as a solo vehicle.

When travelling in a convoy, communicating through radio adds to the drive and can help with stopping and warning regarding upcoming vehicles.

Perfect for long-distance touring, four wheel driving out of cell range, accessing help in a recovery situation  and communicating with the convoy.

The fixed Mount radios for 4WD have 5 watt transmission power and 80 channels. We supply a wide range of GME UHF CB radios to accommodate varying needs. Including radios in the TX and XRS GME series.

A fixed mount radio paired with a GME antenna can increase coverage and communication. Fixed mount radios are easy to install and remove, so can easily be removed and used again if you upgrade your vehicle.

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