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4WD Handheld Radios
Handheld Radios are great for use within shorter ranges. From four wheel driving to camping or use on constructions sites we stock a handheld radio to suit all uses. GME handheld radios are built tough to withstand the Australian landscape for use for both work and play.

Our extensive range of GME UHF CB handheld Radios include both entry level and serious 5 watt transmission power radios.

Handheld radios rely on batteries so have a shorter life span. They also have a smaller antenna so can easily go out of range if too far apart or on hilly terrain. The perfect radio will depend on how you intend to use it. The 5 watt range TX6160X boasts a long 30 hour battery life with the largest transmission range.

What Watt Range of Handheld Radios Do You Need?
1 Watt Range:
The TX667 handheld radio is an entry level 1 watt UHF CB radio. It comes as a single handheld or in a twin pack, the TX667TP for extra value.

The TX667 is battery powered with 17 hours of use. All handheld radios come with a USB charging cable, with the twin pack coming with an additional twin desktop charger.

The 1 watt is an affordable handheld radio, ideal for close-range communication. Perfect for use around the campsite, or spotting on a tough track.

Despite being an entry level radio, the TX667 is ultra-compact, lightweight radio, built with GME’s high quality mechanical design.
2 Watt Range:
The TX677 is a great step up from the TX667 with double the transmission power. Featuring both rotary power and volume control.  With a user friendly design, the TX677T is ideal for group communication across larger distances.

The 2 watt transmission power is perfect for use across construction sites, hiking and staying in contact across greater distances. The scan function on the radio makes it easier to stay connected with each other.

The TX677 comes in a single handheld radio, Twin pack as the TX677TP or in a quad value pack as the TX677QP. The quad pack comes with a heavy duty carry case, perfect for easy transport between job sites without loss or damage.
5 Watt Range:
The TX6160 is the benchmark for outstanding handheld radios. Built for use in Australia, they are designed with a tough rugged, lightweight portable design.

The TX6160X range is the top of the range for handheld UHF CB radios. It features maximum transmission power, in a lightweight portable design. The TX6160X is packed with features including a built in LED torch, rugged mechanical design, and programmable scans.

With over 30 hours of battery life, the T6160 is designed to last the job. The TX6160 is a top range UHF CB handheld radio.

The 5 watt range is available as the single radio (TX6160) or twin pack (TX6160TP), with accessory kit to suit supplied as standard. The accessory kit includes a vehicle charger, earpiece, microphone, and speaker microphone. The twin pack also includes a carry case to keep radios together, protected, and safe.
What are Handheld Radios Good For:
With the shorter range, handheld radios are great for:

Directing vehicle recovery
Communication between 4WD convoys
Use on construction sites
Work on farm

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