1 Watt Handheld Radio



TX667 and TX667TP GME Handheld Radios

The TX667 range is an affordable entry level radio, that still contains the high quality manufacturing and design of GME. The lightweight, durable radio is perfect for close range communicating.

With a 17 hour battery life, the 1 watt handheld radio is ideal for use around the campsite, communicating with kids when camping, and for use spotting and out on difficult 4WD tracks.

All GME radios come with USB charging cable to easily charge radios whilst on the move in the 4WD. The 1 watt range is available as the single radio or in a value twin pack.

TX667 Radio Features:

  •  BP020 battery pack
  • USB Charging cable
  • Belt clip

TX667TP Value twin pack:

  • 2 Battery packs and USB charging cables
  • Twin desktop charger
  • AC adapter
  • Belt clip

Radio Specification:

Frequency Range: 476.425 – 477.4125 MHz
Channels: 80 channels
Power: 1 watt
Battery life: 17 hours
Warranty: 2 years

For double the power see our 2 watt range of handheld radios, or for double the battery life see our 5 watt range with 30 hour batter life.