2 Watt Handheld Radios



The TX677 is an high quality, light weight durable hand held radio. Equipped with both rotary power and volume controls, it is a power user friendly radio. With an impressive 2 watts transmission power in a compact chassis, the TX677 is the perfect on the go radio.

The 2 Watt Range

The TX677 comes available in the twin pack (TX677TP) and the value quad pack (TX677QP). The 2 watt twin and quad pack is perfect for group communication across larger distances. The programmable scan function makes it easy to stay connected with each other. Perfect for use on hikes or construction sites, the TX677 allows for easy, fast and reliable communication.

The value quad pack also comes with a sturdy, heavy duty carry case, ideal for easy transportation of the radios. Perfect for safe transport of the radios and accessories across jobs sites without loss or damage.

TX677 Features:

  • BP027 battery pack
  • USB Charging cable
  • Belt clip
  • AC Adapter

TX677TP Twin Pack Features:

  • 2 x BP027 Battery Pack
  • 2 x USB charging cables
  • 2 x DC charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Belt Clip

TX677QP Value Quad Pack Features:

  • 4 x BP027 battery pack
  • 4 x USB charging cable
  • 2 x DC charge
  • 2 x twin desktop charger
  • AC adapter
  • Belt clip
  • Carry Case

2 Watt Radio Specifications:

Frequency: 476.425 – 477.4125 MHz
Channels: 80
Power: 2 watt
Battery life: 14 hours
Warranty: 2 years