Exhaust Jacks


Simple to use this essential recovery equipment is great for use in mud, snow and sand. 4.2T lifting capacity providing a 750mm maximum lift height.

The Ironman 4×4 Maxi Exhaust Jack is highly efficient, with no complicated moving parts to jam or seize. Features a reliable 1 way valve at the end of the hose, which will keep the bag inflated for hours. Great to lift your vehicle out of a hole when it’s up to the axles, whether in snow, dirt, mud or sand. Comes as a complete kit including two protective mats to prevent puncturing the bag, operating instructions and a handy carry bag in which you can store everything.

Includes 5 heavy duty spikes for increased stability, 6m long inflation hose, leather gloves and handy carry bag.

  • 4.2 Tonne lifting capacity
  • 750mm Max lift height
  • Highest Quality Japanese PVC for strength & long life
  • Reliable one way valve to maintain inflation.
  • 5 x Heavy duty ground fixing spikes for increased stability
  • 6 Metre long heat resistant inflation hose
  • All joins are fully seam stitched and sealed.
  • Triple protection layers for top and bottom surfaces.
  • Includes repair kit and carry bag
  • Premium leather gloves
  • Compatible with all 4×4’s including latest turbo diesel models.
  • Contains full instruction manual.