TX Fixed Mount Radio




The TX3100DP is the ideal entry level UHF CB radio. With a compact chassis, this radio is designed for easy mounting in modern vehicles. The TX3100DP combines GME’s advanced designs and high performance, at an affordable price point.

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TX3100DP Fixed Mount Radio

The TX3100 radio also comes available in a 4WD starter kit (TX3100VP) perfect for four wheel driving and touring. It pairs the TX3100DP radio with the AE4018k2 high performance antenna, along with a mounting bracket. This starter kit is an all-in-one communication solution for those preparing for off road adventuring.

Radio Features:

  • 5 Watt Super compact UHF CB Radio
  • Digital signal processing
  • Unique display flip function
  • Dynamic volume control
  • Super compact design
  • 5 year warranty


The TX3120S provides maximum features in a super compact chassis design. Ideal for users requiring an advanced UHF CB radio with limited installation space. TX3120S has the widest possible LCD screen for the super compact size. Complete with a new dynamic speaker microphone.

The TX3120s features the advanced digital scanning technology- ScanSuite. ScanSuite include digital signal processing, advanced signal management and dynamic volume control. The CTCSS and DCS reduce unwanted background noise and interruptions.

A super compact, high quality designed radio, with the best in scanning technology.

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TX3120S Fixed Mount Radio

Radio Features:

  • Super Compact Design
  • ScanSuite- Digital Scanning Technology
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Dynamic Voice Control
  • Full Spectrum Back-Lit LCD
  • 5 Year Warranty


The TX3350 is an Australian designed and built advanced UHF CB radio. It combines the latest in electronics, extremely compacted design with outstanding performance.

The SoundPath Speaker enables the radio to be mounted almost anywhere whilst bringing clear sound for easy communication. The Tx3350 produces the ultimate sound quality with SoundPath speaker technology and LCD microphone.

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TX3350 Fixed Mount Radio
  • Made in Australia
  • Super compact Design
  • LCD speaker Microphone
  • 5 Digit Selcall
  • Dynamic Volume Control
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • 5 Year Warranty