XRS Fixed Mount Radio



The XRS Fixed Mount Radio Series:

The XRS series in the first of a new connected generation of UHF CB radios. The new Australian made radio is adaptable and tough, designed for serious 4X4’s.

The XRS series is the first ever of UHF CB radios to come with app controls. With the connect features, the radios can create and share scanned lists and have instant access to the Australian and New Zealand analogue frequency database.

With smart technology and app connectivity, the software is all upgradeable. Therefore, the XRS series of radios can be kept up to date with the latest technology, upgrades, and features. GME have committed to releasing a new upgrade each year for the XRS series. So, the XRS UHF CB radios will always have access to the latest technology and advances.

Built with GME’s same high quality manufacturing, the XRS connect comes with a professional grade speaker microphone with a powerful 2 watts, high contrast screen with anti-glare and customisable buttons.

The XRS series of UHF CB radios are the ultimate communication tool for four wheel driving.

XRS Radio Models:

The XRS series come in two base models, the XRS 330 and XRS 370 with additional packs and accessories available for each.

XRS 330C:

The 330C has a super compact chassis, suited to the modern designed 4WD and for limited radio spacing. Supported with a standard microphone mounting. The XRS 330C comes as a stand along fixed mount radio or in a portable or touring pack:

Portable pack:

The portable pack is ideal for those requiring the radio only part of the time, and wanting the flexibility of storing the radio away. The kit comes with a sturdy carry case for storage as well as everything thing to connect the radio. The pack comes with a suction cup mount, 12V accessory lead, 2.1 dBi magnetic antenna and all the mounting hardware.

4WD portble radio pack
XRS 330C Portable Radio Pack


Touring Pack:

The touring pack is well suited to those setting up their 4WD for as the ultimate travelling vehicle. It pairs the super compact XRS-330C UHF CB radio with the AE4018BKI elevated-feed antenna for the ultimate communication.

Touring Radio Pack for 4WD
XRS 330C Touring Pack

XRS 370C:

Whereas the 370C comes built with a diecast metal chassis perfect for the hard cord 4X4 requiring reliable performance in tough conditions. Equipped with a magnetic microphone rather then standard mounting. The XRS 370 comes as a stand alone fixed mount radio or available in a connect 4WD pack (XRS 370C4P). The 4WD pack comes with a heavy duty AE4704B radome antenna, perfect for the hard cord 4X4 tackling tough terrain.

The XRS- 370C 4WD Pack

Latest XRS Radio Features:

Voice Playback:

The latest upgrade to the XRS series is the voice playback. This feature allows for all voice transmissions to be recorded. The first 30 seconds of voice transmissions are recorded and stored with a total recording time of 12 minutes.

The voice playback feature is ideal for noisy cabins and drivers who are frequently in and out of their vehicle.  Missing transmissions becomes an issue of the past with the XRS series.

Location Services:

The location services in the XRS series greatly expand the possibilities of navigating out of cellular coverage. This feature enables users to send, receive and display their GPS location with each transmission. Users can also display a short ‘status’ on tracks by selecting from pre-defined statuses.

Additionally, the service includes offline map caching. This allows users to download and store maps. As well as saving unlimited points of interests to help re-find those favourite spots.

The ID of each XRS radio allows for easy tracking of multiple users- perfect for travelling with other four wheel drivers. The XRS location service expands the possibilities of navigating out of cellular reception.

XRS series Features:

  • Australian made
  • All in one set up
  • 2 watt front facing speaker
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • OLED speaker microphone
  • Customisable buttons
  • Super compact
  • 5 year warranty
  • User upgradeable firmware
  • 25% faster scan speed
  • Quick start Guide