Big 4WD Lift Kit

High Country 4wd offers a complete range of suspension kits and components so you can custom build your 4×4 vehicle to your exact requirements and Budget.

Whether you are after a lift kit, Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrade or just needing to correct an existing problem, our suspension solutions are designed to provide you with a safe comfortable ride.

We recognise that there is no single solution for the varying needs of 4×4 owners and different driving conditions, therefore High Country 4WD offer a wide selection of matched components, which will transform the vehicle around your needs.

High Country 4WD also offer various optional components to further enhance your 4×4’s performance or to correct your suspension geometry. Such components include Greasable Shackles & Pins, Steering Damper, Caster Correction, Trim Packers, Suspension Arms.

You can choose from our extensive range below, to find the perfect solution for your 4wd vehicle.

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Best 4WD Suspension:

The best suspension is dependent on the 4WD use.  Different suspension systems are effective for different conditions, and there is not one model fits all. Twin-tub gas shocks can be made cheaply and are found is most passenger cars for this reason. This does not mean that they are the best suspension to suit 4WD’s driving on Australian roads.

4WD’s require the best combination of practicality, reliability, performance and robustness for use on both urban roads and unpredictable terrain. Dependent on how harsh a landscape, your tyre size and lift and what urban driving you do will alter the ideal suspension for your 4WD.

It is important to consider how you use your 4WD, the desired set up, the roads you drive and what accessories and weight load is added to your vehicle. It is essential to consider how you use your 4×4 to balance the right upgrades for the best performance specific to your driving conditions and style.  

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Essential 4X4 Upgrade:

When a vehicle is bumped around on different terrain- kinetic energy builds up. With laws of physics, energy must go somewhere or transform, energy cannot disappear. With shock, the energy is converted in to heat. Without shock absorbers that are equipped to handle the energy produced by the terrain and bumps, the shock absorbers can overheat and fail.

A good shock absorber is tuned to the vehicle and the driver’s needs for the vehicle to handle the demands of rough roads, and remove heat faster than it is generated.

When suspension is not adequate or tuned to the demand placed on the vehicle, it can fail.  Shock absorbers need to get rid of heat faster than it is generated by the demand placed on the car, if the shock cannot remove the heat, the shock absorbers can heat to the point of failure and result in significant vehicle damage.

When shock absorbers overheat, seals can blow, and oil from within the shocks can mix with the gas, this means the shock cannot dampen the shock effectively. This reduces your 4wd safety and handling. So very bad news when you are out bush in your 4wd needing to start a climb. Therefore, shocks tuned to your 4WD and how you use it are essential for 4WD safety and fun!

Why do Cars Have Suspension?

  • Road Isolation
  • Road Holding
  • Load Carrying
  • Cornering

Road Isolation:

Road isolation refers to the vehicles ability to isolate and absorb road shock from the passenger compartment. When travelling over rough and rocky terrain the goal is for the vehicle’s body to drive undisturbed and the shock to be absorbed by the suspension. For the vehicle to be undisturbed by the shock, the energy from the rood bumps must be dissipated by the suspension- without causing undue oscillation to the vehicle.

Road Holding:

Road holding refers to the level in which a car maintains contact with the road surfaces in various types of directional change. For optimal 4wd safety and control the 4wd tyres should be kept in contact with the ground. Improved suspension minimizes the transfer of vehicle weight from side to side and front to back. When 4wding, rocks and uneven terrain can unshift the 4wd body, upgraded Ironman suspension can help keep the tyres in contact with the road, despite rougher terrain.

Load Carrying:

Suspension aids to the vehicle’s ability to hold additional weight. Once bull bars, winches, extra fuel tanks, roof top tents and other equipment is added to a 4WD there is significant extra weight added. The suspension must be fitted and tailor to the additional load to maintain stability. When adding weight to your 4WD you must consider the impact the weight can place on the car’s controlling and driving.


The suspension transfers the weight of the car during difficult cornering. For tricky climbs and down hills, power and control when cornering is essential, especially when having to corner and turn over large rocks and boulders. Suspension tailored to the vehicle’s needs can minimize body roll which occurs as centrifugal force.

4X4 Suspension Specialists:

Ironman 4X4 was originally established in 1958 as a suspension part manufacturer. In 1982 the business expanded to design supply leaf and coils springs, specializing for cars, trucks buses and 4WD vehicles. Established in Melbourne and designing suspension for vehicles based in the Australian terrain, Ironman soon expanded to be known as a suspension parts manufacturer and supplier all around the world.

As 4X4 vehicles became increasingly popular, in 1988 Iron man launched the 4X4 brand of suspension parts and springs. Ironman recognised that standard suspension, was not adequate to meet the added demands and weight of additional winches, bull bars and additional fuel tanks needed by 4WD’s.

Since 1958 Ironman has been supplying and manufacturing suspension for Australian vehicles. Ironman recognise different drivers place different demands on their vehicles, and need their suspension to be able to manage the stress place upon the 4WD. Australian terrain is like no other, as a suspension manufacturer established and based in Victoria, Ironman have a full understanding of the requirements of 4WD suspension in the Australian landscape. Whether it is facing the roughest of climbs out bush, getting away camping with extra towing or driving the kids to school on urban terrain, we can fit the best 4WD suspension for your vehicle and driving needs!