Why 4WD’s Needs Regular Servicing:

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The last thing you want is when out in the middle of the bush up in the high country is a 4WD breakdown. Sale is lucky to be so close to some great 4×4 tracks, but some can be a little bit hairy. When faced with a steep climb, you want the confidence that your beast has the power to get you out of there.

High Country 4WD have all the vehicle recovery, 4×4 upgrades and modifications for a powerful 4WD prepared to tackle the toughest of tracks. But if your 4WD is not regularly serviced and checked you can still get stuck out in the bush.

The last thing you need is a break down because your 4WD motor has not been regularly checked, your motor fluids have not been replaced, or any other numerous reasons that cause a break down out bush.

What 4WD Services Includes:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Rotate and balance all 4 wheels
  • Check Car fluids and top up if required
  • Road Test
  • Scan Tool Check
  • Windscreen Wiper check
4WD Servicing Sale

Oil and Filter Change:

For best performance from your motor you need fresh car oil. Clean oil helps to lubricate the motor and absorbs heat to help the 4X4 to run efficiently and prevent overheating. Out in the bush, paired against steep tracks, the 4X4 motor has to work extra hard to get up and down the steep climbs. The motor is put under extra work, so oil can become old quicker, especially if four wheel driving often between services. An oil assessment and change helps reduce the risk of the 4WD motor overheating.

Rotate and Balance All 4 Wheels:

Grip of the 4WD tires when climbing rocks and on uneven surface is essential. The vehicle tires must have good grip and support when crossing uneven terrain. Rotating and balancing car tires improves the safety of your car and the life of your tires.

Check Car Fluids and Top Up if Required:

Car fluids are often run low quicker with four wheel driving as the car works harder. It is important your car fluids are checked and topped up regularly.

Road Test:

Road tests can help assess the overall performance of the vehicle, condition and any faults. Before taking the car off road you want to ensure any faults are detected before they can lead to break down and an expensive tow return.

Scan Tool Check:

At Independent Automotive Solutions a scan tool check is used for all 4WD assessments. The scanner can help identify any issues with the transmission oil, oil tank, exhaust or other systems in the 4WD.

During every 4WD service our experienced mechanics assess and inspect your vehicle to identify an faults, issues or damages. Often, a vehicle can manage well with everyday driving and hide minor issues. Although, when the vehicle is put under extra work towing or on rough terrain the minor problems can turn into a breakdown and major repair. So even if your vehicle is handling and driving well on bitumen, before going out bush or away with the caravan it is best to have your 4WD serviced to prevent untimely breakdown.

Windscreen Wiper check:

Windscreen wipers can easily be overlooked but essential for car safety. Windscreen wipers can easily be damaged whilst out driving off road and often it is not noticed until too late. Most people require some highway driving to get out to 4WD tracks. Driving at 100kms down the highway, if it is raining, windscreen wipers working properly is essential.

For any puddle bashing, river crossing or rain whilst you are four wheel driving , functioning windscreen wipers are needed for visibility.  Windscreen washer additive is checked and topped up during your 4WD service.

4WD Repair:

4WD Repair Sale

It is easy to put off fixing and repairing your 4WD. Often it gets put on the back burner of things to do and does not get done for a while. Then the perfect free long weekend comes up that would be ideal for getting away and escaping into the bush with your 4WD, but it needs to be repaired.

Do not let this happen to you. Independent Automotive Solutions are easy to book in with, report back to you regarding your 4WD and always provide up front costs. They are reliable, honest mechanics who treat your 4WD with the up most care.

So when that perfect weekend comes up, all you need to worry about is chucking all the gear into the back and driving off. Feel reassured that your 4WD is always ready for that next adventure.

4WD Specialists:

A 4WD can easily be put under greater stress and demand than an everyday family car. For all the time, money and pride you put into your 4×4, you want to ensure it is only serviced by experienced, trained, 4WD mechanics.

Our neighbour Rod at Independent Automotive Solutions has been a mechanic for 13 years and is a gold-certified mechanic. As a local mechanic from Sale, Rod is experienced with servicing and repair 4WD’s both for vehicles used out in the bush tackling 4WD terrain and work vehicles.   

4Wd Servicing Costs

Often mechanics will charge extra for 4WD servicing, Independent Automotive Solutions charge the same price for cars and 4WD for their fixed priced servicing in Sale. For $230 they provide 4WD fixed priced service by trained and reliable mechanics.For the cost and trouble of a breakdown out in the high country, regular 4WD servicing makes sense.

For more information on 4WD servicing contact Independent Automotive Solutions